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I am not a professional anything. I'm not a master gardener, I am not a chef, I am not a horticultralist or naturalist. I am not trying to live off the grid, or prepare for the acololypse, or go totally organic. What I am is a 40 something single mom who works full time and attends graduate school full time and is trying to build a life that teaches some values, and skills to her children while giving them some memories to carry into their adulthood.

We are starting from scratch. We have virgin land that needs a lot of work. We have plenty of time and imagination, but a shoestring budget. We may not do everything right, in fact we probably won't do much right. But we are going to do it together, and that is what matters.

Monday, September 5, 2011

We have Hummingbirds!

And I am just jumping up and down.  Hummingbirds, you see, have a very special place in my heart.  It would take days and days to explain why and even then you might just stare at me dumbfounded and wonder if I am blond under all this rustwater red hair.

These are probably hummers starting their migration route to warm weather wintering grounds.  I was not sure if we would see any since we were not here for the spring migration.  I had not unpacked my feeders thinking it would be for nought.  And yes ....plural; Many times plural. I have a great collection of hummingbird feeders and at the old place had more feeders per square inch on our small suburban plot than any person in their right mind would have. 


Last Thursday I was wearing a red shirt on the way out to the football game and got buzzed by a hummingbird so big that it sounded like a B52 bomber going through.  She spun around and came at me head on and stopped right by my ear.  "excuse me, I know you are new here but the deal is that you are supposed to put out nectar for us.... see?"

I cleaned out one feeder to see if she would come back.  She did!  *happy dance*.  I replaced the sugar water this morning and added an additional feeder and was promptly rewarded.  A hummingbird (male this time) came in and hung right in front of my nose.  The breeze from his wings actually moved my hair.  He then lighted on the bigger of the two feeders and ate his fill. He was joined by a fat female, who I assume was my original visitor. I will have to start taking the camera out with me mornings and see if they will pose for a snapshot or three.

With hummingbirds around, this place might start to feel like home.

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  1. Well done Birdie, great blog - looking forward to seeing how your blog and garden grow.